SF-RB4850SMART Bearing Replacement

How to Replace the Bearings on a Recumbent Bike

Here is a quick guide instructing you on the correct procedure to successfully replace the bearings on your recumbent bike. 


STEP 1: Using the Spanner tool provided, remove the pedals. Please note, the Left Pedal must be turned clockwise as it is reverse threaded. Turn the Right Pedal counterclockwise.


STEP 2: Using the Crank Puller tool and an adjustable wrench, remove the crank arm as shown. Screw in the threaded portion of the crank puller tool into the crank arm by hand and finish off with the adjustable wrench.


STEP 3: Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove all the cover's screws from both sides.

Please note: the left side has one screw under the post guard.


STEP 4: After taking off all of the screws, remove the covers as shown. Please be mindful not to break the plastic cover pin or the DC Cable. 


STEP 5: Carefully remove the belt by pulling the belt toward you with one hand as you rotate the belt wheel with the other.


STEP 6: Remove the C-Clip using a Snap Ring Plier from the left side of the unit.


STEP 7: Using a rubber mallet and crank puller tool, tap the middle axle to remove the belt wheel. 


STEP 8: Using a metal rod and rubber mallet tap out the bearings from the frame. The same process will be done on both sides.


STEP 9: Make sure the new bearings are flush with the frame before tapping them in using a flat item. Repeat the process on both sides:


For more information, please see the video below:









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