Cycle Bike Noise Troubleshooting

Here is a quick guide instructing you on the proper procedure to troubleshoot the noise the unit is making while in use. Below I have provided 6 steps to isolate the noise on your bike. This will not resolve the noise, simply isolate it so we know which parts need to be replaced or easily adjusted.


*Please note that the bike may not be your exact model however the parts and the process of isolation are the same. You will remove the covers, remove the chain or belt, and turn the moving parts separately to see where the noise occurs.


STEP 1: When spinning just the pedal on its axis, does it make a noise? (If noise is coming from only the pedal, please do not follow the steps below and reach out to us with a video of noise coming from the pedal.)


STEP 2: When you removed the belt cover did the noise persist?


STEP 3: When you removed the pedals and rotated the crank arms did the noise persist?


STEP 4: When you removed the belt did the noise persist?


STEP 5: With the belt off is the noise coming from the flywheel axle or the belt wheel axle?


STEP 6: Is there a difference between when you pedal backward and forwards when you pedal with the belt off?



For more information, please see the video below:



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