X-Crank Removal (SF-RB4708, 4631, 4703, 4880)

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Recumbent Bike X-Crank Removal 

STEP 1: Set the resistance lever to the highest setting on the bike.


STEP 2: Remove the pedal from the recumbent bike. (Note: left pedals will be reverse threaded)


STEP 3: Remove the plastic cap on the crank cover and turn the crank puller counterclockwise to remove the cover nut. 

x_crank_4631_3.png x_crank_4631_3_pt_2.png

STEP 4: Screw the crank puller into the opening on the crank. x_crank_4631_4.png x_crank_4631_4_pt_2.png

STEP 5: Screw the crank puller clockwise into the cover threading. Screw the silver end of the crank puller clockwise until the x-crank is removed from the bike.

x_crank_4631_5.png mceclip0.png


STEP 6: Uninstall the x-crank from its cover by removing any securing screws. 


For more information, please see the video below:

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