Treadmills: Safety Keys

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All of our treadmills require a safety key in order to be used. This article will show you what type of safety key your unit uses.

D10 Safety Key - These safety keys have a flat magnetic surface on the end.


Compatible Treadmills:

  • SF-T7874
  • SF-T7515
  • SF-T7917
  • SF-T7945
  • SF-T4400
  • SF-T7724
  • SF-T7942
  • SF-T7917
  • SF-T7632
  • 20740
  • TM1

C26 - Safety Key - These safety keys have a metallic key that inserts into the treadmill.



Compatible Treadmills:

  • SF-T7705
  • SF-T7643
  • FA-7966
  • FA-7967


Dual Prong Safety Keys - These safety keys are in an oval shape with two metal prongs on the end of  the key.



Compatible Treadmills:

  • 7750
  • 7750P
  • 8730
  • 8730G
  • SF-T7907
  • SF-T7955

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