What are the things I can do in the SunnyFit - For Home Fitness app?

In the SunnyFit app, you will find a rapidly expanding library of workout courses to exercise with – with or without Sunny-branded exercise equipment. Follow along with our Sunny trainers as they lead you through workouts using different equipment at different levels. 

Take the app outdoors with our audio workout courses and track your outdoor walks, runs, or bike rides. The app can help you create a customized training plan to focus on a certain piece of exercise equipment or a plan that focuses on specific goals like distance traveled or calories burned per session. The app also helps you keep track of your progress and can make suggestions for fun workout videos that could work for you. 

You can also embark on the World Tour mode, where you can work out to scenic routes from all around the world on your indoor bike, treadmill, or rower. If you like competition, you can take on the world tour and simulated route challenges to see how you fare amongst similarly minded community members. All users are encouraged to engage in the SunnyFit community while participating in various activities available on the app.


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SunnyFit App

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