How do I connect my SunnyFit Bike Cadence sensor to the SunnyFit – For Home Fitness app?

1. If the sensor has already been installed on the bike, pedal the bike a few times to activate the Cadence sensor. If it is not installed yet, shake it a few times to achieve the same effect.
2. In the SunnyFit – For Home Fitness app, go to the “Workout” tab and press the “Search” button on the bottom right side of the screen.
3. After searching, you should see the “SunnyKit1.0” name appear on the equipment list. Press “Select” on “SunnyKit1.0” and the app will ask you to bind the sensor to a Sunny-branded bike.
4. Press “Select” on your bike from the list, then press “Select” once more on the available equipment page to confirm.
5. Once you see the bike on the “Currently Selected” window, that means the Cadence sensor is ready for use on the SunnyFit app!
6. Note: The app connects to and maintains a connection to compatible equipment throughout the workout’s/activity’s duration. Please follow the in-app instructions if the connection is interrupted/terminated during a workout/activity.

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