SF-B122049 Covers, Cranks, and DC Cable Replacement

How to replace the belt covers, cranks, and DC cable on your bike


Here is a quick guide instructing you on the proper procedure to successfully replace the covers, cranks, and DC Cable from your bike.


STEP 1: Using a flat tool, remove the crank arm cap. 


STEP 2: Remove the flange nut by using a ratchet and #14 or 9/16 socket wrench. 


STEP 3: Using a 22mm crank puller tool and an adjustable wrench remove the crank by turning the socket to the left. 

After screwing on the threaded portion of the tool, use the adjustable wrench to screw the silver portion through and remove the crank. 

Finish threading the tool by hand and pull off the crank.


Note: Repeat the same previous steps to remove the crank arm from either side.


STEP 4: Remove the cover screws using a Phillips screwdriver. 


Note: Repeat the same previous steps to remove the cover on the other side.


STEP 5: Remove the red cover and then the screw on the left side.


STEP 6: Carefully remove the left cover and avoid damaging the cover pins.


STEP 7: Remove the screws holding the right cover using a Phillips screwdriver.


STEP 8: Remove the red cover and screw using a Phillips screwdriver.



STEP 9: Disconnect the DC wire.


STEP 10: Using a crescent wrench, remove the nut that connects the DC wire connector to the cover.


Once the items have been replaced. You can reinstall all components using the same steps in reverse. For more information, please see the video below.











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