SF-B220045 Belt Replacement

How to Replace the Belt on the Upright Bike 


Here is a quick guide instructing you on the proper procedure to successfully replace the belt on the upright bike.


STEP 1: Remove the belt by pulling it toward you and please make sure not to pinch your fingers.


STEP 2: Remove the bearing bracket plate cover and screws using a Phillips screwdriver on both sides. 


STEP 3: With both brackets removed, pull the flywheel outward toward you. 


STEP 4: Remove the spring to easily move the belt and flywheel.


STEP 5: With the spring removed pull out the flywheel and replace the belt.


STEP 6: Loop the belt around the flywheel axle and through the frame toward the belt wheel.


STEP 7: Secure the flywheel back into position and reinstall the spring in place.



STEP 8: Using the Phillips screwdriver, secure the flywheel and bearing brackets to both sides of the frame.


STEP 9: Install the belt, making sure the belt loops underneath the tensioner pulley and over the belt wheel. 


STEP 10: After installing the belt, rotate the belt wheel by hand to ensure the belt is centered on the pulley. 


For more information, please see the video below:






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