Treadmills: Incline not Responding

Here is a quick guide to assist you with the proper procedure to accurately and successfully diagnose and resolve the incline not responding on the treadmill. 


This issue commonly occurs when the incline motor wire becomes loose or disconnected from the control board. During the treadmill's assembly at the factory, the wires are typically zip-tied to maintain neatness, but sometimes not enough slack is provided to accommodate the movement of the incline motor. As a result, when the motor operates to adjust the incline, the wire can either disconnect or become loose.

To address this, I recommend removing the motor cover and inspecting the wiring carefully. Look for any wires that may have become disconnected or are not securely attached to the control board. Reconnecting any loose wires and ensuring they are properly secured should resolve the issue with the stuck incline. If you need further assistance with this process, please don't hesitate to ask!


STEP 1: For safety, power off the unit and unplug it from its power source and remove the screws from the motor cover using a crosshead screwdriver.


STEP 2: Check the Incline Motor sensor wire connected to the Control Board. If it's loose or disconnected, please reconnect it and check it stays securely connected.

STEP 3: If the wire is tied too tightly and there is not enough slack for the wire to stay connected to the control board when the incline is lifted, please cut the zip ties and retie them after feeding more wire.


STEP 4: Once the Incline Motor sensor wire is reconnected, please plug the unit into a power source and check if the incline feature is functioning normally. If so, please cover the motor and secure the screws.


Any further questions or additional information? Please contact our Sunny Support Team.

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