Cycle Bike Seat Assembly

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Seat Assembly & Tighten Seat for Cycle Bikes

Here is a quick guide instructing you on the assembly of your seat clamp. If you have any
problems you can e-mail

The bike’s seat will be assembled as shown to the right. The clamp in the center is secured tightly. This is done to make sure the bolts do not come apart during shipping. However, you will need to slightly loosen the nuts on the ends in order to place the center clamp around the bike stem. DO NOT REMOVE nuts from the clamp otherwise it may disassemble. 



If the bike’s clamp arrived unassembled, or if you have accidentally loosened the bolts resulting in the clamp to disassemble, take a look at the picture below for easy assembly. The picture below will show you the order in which each of the pieces need to be reassembled. You will need to place them back in this order in order to reattach your clamp back to the bicycle seat. 


STEP 1: Begin by inserting the screw (2) through the clamp (1) piece. Place the screw over the bike’s brace. (see right photo) It should sit nicely on the bikes braces.


STEP 2: Take the ridges (5) and place the teeth alongside the clamp (1) . Notice that they have grooves that will lock onto the bike’s seat brace. (see left photo) These pieces should sit between the bike’s braces. For a better photo, view step 2 continued. 


STEP 2: (Continued): This is usually the trickiest part of assembly. The ridge pieces (5) have grooves that will fit the brace. Here is another photo for reference. Once you have correctly assembled the ridges to the clamp, they should sit nicely over the bike’s brace. This way you can easily screw in the groove caps and nuts for finished assembly.


STEP 3: Now place the final groove (4) pieces outside the bike’s seat brace and lock together with the nuts (3). Make sure to screw these pieces together tightly for a secure fit. You have successfully put your seat’s clamp back together! Revisit page 1 to place the seat on the bike’s stem. 


For more information, please see video below:

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