External Squeaks & Creaks For Bikes

When it comes to machines with a lot of moving parts you are bound to run into a bit of noise every now and again. In most cases, a little general maintenance goes a long way, and sometimes the surface you have the equipment on is to blame. Try to have our equipment on a solid surface and not a very plush carpet with a lot of giving. Make sure you have the equipment balanced out with the adjustable feet on most of our products.


Bikes are not all that different, and you have fewer weight-bearing points that could fail. Again make sure your bike is balanced out with the adjustable feet and if you have it on plush carpet roll it over to something a little more stable.



STEP 1: Make sure the teeth on your seat clamp are properly interconnected. If you only used one tool to tighten your seat utilize one on the other end as well as shown here:

Seat Clamp Adjustment Video


STEP 2: Make sure your knobs are tightened down all the way. If they are backing out on their own, you can use some kind of thread seal tape to sure up the tightness on that knob.

(If you would like to purchase the Thread Tape)


STEP 3: If the noise continues in the seated position check on the bushings for the seat post and slider to see if they are damaged and allow for any extra movement which may cause noise.

squeaks_and_creaks_for_bikes.jpg squeaks_and_creaks_for_bikes_3.jpg
squeaks_and_creaks_for_bikes_2.jpg squeaks_and_creaks_for_bikes_4.jpg



STEP 4: Check the securing hardware between the frame and the stabilizers.bike.png


STEP 5: Standing, split your weight between the pedals and rock side to side shifting your weight without rotating the pedals. If you are getting a creak doing this, check the mainframe at the welds for fractures.


STEP 6: If you cannot spot any damage, we could be dealing with a shifted middle axle or bearing issue and our customer support would be happy to get you through that issue.

For additional assistance, email support@sunnyhealthfitness.com

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