How To Correct Belt Pulley Bracket Alignment (SF-B1918)

Correcting The Belt Pulley Bracket Alignment 


Step 1: Remove the pedals (Remember left pedals will be reverse threaded). 


Step 2: Using a cross-head screwdriver remove all of the screws from the covers.

b1918_s2.png mceclip1.png

Step 3: Remove the belt.

mceclip2.png mceclip3.png

Step 4: Remove the bolt using an Allen Wrench and the nut using an Adjustable Wrench (For the opposite nut you will have to hold the internal nut with a wrench as well shown below).

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png mceclip6.png

Step 5: Remove the nut from the magnet bar, then remove the bolt using an Allen Wrench. 

mceclip7.png mceclip8.png

Step 6: Remove the metal bar and then loosen the nut on the top of the magnet bar holder to remove the holder. 


 mceclip10.png mceclip11.png

Step 7: Remove Flywheel

mceclip12.png mceclip13.png

Step 8: Install washer/spacer between the flywheel and the tension bracket

mceclip14.png mceclip15.png

Step 9: Install Flywheel back onto the mainframe (Reminder please make sure the belt is on the flywheel and the tension bracket with the spacer before installing). 

mceclip16.png mceclip17.png

For more information, please see the video below:

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