General Recumbent Bike Sensor Troubleshooting

Meter or Sensor Issues


If your meter is not calculating the distance or caloric burn and shutting down on you after 5 minutes or so you will want to check down the sensory chain. You are looking for obvious damage to the wiring like pinch points or cuts but also disconnect and check on the prongs between the connections. At the end of any sensory chain, you will come across the sensor and a magnet glued to a pulley of some kind. If the sensor end is pulled too far back from the magnet or it's pointing in the wrong direction you can also run into data issues.


STEP 1: Start by checking the connections between the external wires. Look for damaged wiring and make sure the connection points are firmly connected. (Note: If none of the wires are damaged, move to the next step.)



STEP 2: Take off the side covers and locate the sensor end. Make sure that the sensor is pointed directly at the magnet and if you can move it closer to the magnet you might correct this data issue. (Note: If you do not see any results from steps 1 or 2 please proceed to step 3)

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STEP 3: Grab a separate magnet (ex. Refrigerator magnet). Wave your magnet across
the sensor and if the monitor begins counting you have isolated the issue to either the magnet or
the sensor wire.


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