Sticking Tension Assembly Issues SF-B1805/SF-B1913

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Tension Knob Side

STEP 1: Loosen the Allen screw holding the tension knob into the frame of the bike. The tension knob should pop out of the frame as there is pressure pushing up towards the knob when the Allen screw is in it's groove.


Sticking_TensionPic2.JPG Sticking_TensionPic1.JPG


STEP 2: Knob now in hand, make sure the grooved sleeve rotates freely up and down the tension rod all the way and place the grooved sleeve in the lowest position possible on the tension rod.


Sticking_TensionPic3.JPG Sticking_TensionPic4.JPG 


STEP 3: Feel free to add silicone-based lube into the frame opening where you removed the tension knob, so we are sure everything in this area is lubed.




Reinstalling the tension knob into the frame you will have to do a couple things.

­­1.) Line the groove up with the Allen screw.

2.) Push down on the tension knob (Emergency brake action)

3.) Tighten down the Allen screw until it makes contact with that grooved sleeve. Note that the E brake action on the knob is now hard to do it may lock and be unusable you will need to adjust it.

4.) To adjust the locked E brake, loosen up the Allen bolt just a little bit so you can unlock the E brake action on the tension knob, but make sure the screw does not come out of its groove.

Brake Block side

If the flywheel is making contact with the brake block utilize this video to clear the contact.



If you are experiencing contact between the brake block and either side stop block you can utilize this video.

You would have to leave out the inner 4 screws to make any adjustment stick.

If the brake block is still sticking:

Make sure the lowest nut on the tension rod is at the lowest point on the threading available to it and the link axle sleeve is squished between that lowest nut and the nut directly above it.


Loosen and lubricate the moving areas of that brake block assembly. So we have fluid movement at the pivot points and know nothing is overly tight.



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