Connecting a Smart Item to the Sunny Fit App

How to Connect Your Smart Item to the Sunny Fit App

Here are the initial steps when connecting to the Sunny Fit App. It is important to keep in mind that the unit is not connecting to the smartphone's Bluetooth settings but to the App itself. 


STEP 1: Make sure that the Bluetooth setting is enabled on your smartphone. Also, be sure that Bluetooth is enabled in the permission section of the SunnyFit setting within your device.

App_Step_1.pngSunnyFit Permissions.jpg


STEP 2: While on the Sunny Fit App, begin to pedal or walk on your unit and locate the Fitness Icon in the upper right-hand corner. Once located, tap the icon and select your model. 


STEP 3: The SunnyFit will begin searching for your SMART machine. Please ensure the computer screen is on by pedaling or running your treadmill.



Step 4: Once your SMART equipment is found, tap on it. 


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Step 5: Now that the SunnyFit app is connected to your SMART machine, tap "Go Workout". Tapping here will lead you to all the guided workouts available for the type of SMART machine you have. You can also find features, view the manual, and find your machine's product page on this page.

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Please feel free to take a look at the video below on how to connect your SMART item to the SunnyFit app.



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