SF-RB4806: Handlebar Post Replacement

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SF-RB4806: How to Replace the Handlebar Post

STEP 1: Using a Philips head screwdriver, remove the bolts (Part 2) from behind of the meter. 


STEP 2: Disconnect the sensor extension wire (Part 13) and the pulse extension wire (Part 15) from the meter.


STEP 3: Remove the bolt (Part 3) and wave washer (Part 4) from the handlebar post to loosen the tension knob (Part 5).


STEP 4: Remove the tension wire from the lower wire (Part 6).

Step4.jpg Step4A.jpg

STEP 5: Using an Allen key, remove the bolts (Part 10) from the handlebar post (Part 12) and push the lower wire into the handlebar post in order to remove it.

Step5.jpg Step5A.jpg

STEP 6: Remove the bolts (Part 10) from the front handlebar (Part 7).


STEP 7: Install the sensor wire extension and the pulse wire extension into the new handlebar post.


STEP 8: Install the knob into the handlebar post and then install the screw to keep the tension knob in place.

Step8.jpg Step8A.jpg

STEP 9: Reinstall the front handlebar back into the handlebar post.


STEP 10: Reinstall the bolts back into the handlebar post using an Allen wrench.


STEP 11: Reconnect the pulse wire extensions and the sensor wire extensions back into the computer wires (Parts 1A & 1B) and install them back into the handlebar post. 


STEP 12: Install the bolts back through the handlebar post into the meter to keep the meter in place.


For more information, please see video below:

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