Treadmills: Safety Keys

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Here at Sunny Health & Fitness, safety for our customer is our primary focus. This article will show you what type of safety key your unit uses. 


A safety key is provided for emergency use. The treadmill will function only if the safety key is inserted into the console. In case of emergency, remove the safety key to immediately stop the belt and shut off the treadmill. The display screen will reset once the safety key is reinserted.


SFP-T01-SK Safety Key - These safety keys have a flat magnetic surface on the end. 

D10 - Safety Key (1).PNG

Compatible Treadmills:

  • SF-T7874
  • SF-T7515
  • SF-T7917
  • SF-T7945
  • SF-T4400
  • SF-T7724
  • SF-T7942
  • SF-T7917
  • SF-T7632
  • SF-T7603
  • SF-TD7884
  • SF-722076
  • SF-T22069
  • SF-T22072
  • 20740
  • TM1

SFP-T02-SK Safety Key - These safety keys have a metallic key that inserts into the treadmill.

C26 - Safety Clip.PNG

Compatible Treadmills:

  • SF-T7705
  • SF-T7705SMART
  • SF-T7643
  • FA-7966
  • FA-7967

SFP-T03-SK Safety Key - These safety keys have a magnetic surface on the end and are oblong shaped.


Compatible Treadmills:

  • SF-T7718
  • SF-T7718SMART

If your model isn't listed, please feel free to contact us at Our agents will be able to assist you with placing an order for your specific model. 


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