SF-T722076 How to Reset The Incline Motor


Here is a quick guide instructing you on the proper procedure to successfully reset the incline motor on the treadmill. 


STEP 1: Lean the treadmill on its side to remove the bottom motor cover screws.


STEP 2: Remove the safety key from the top motor cover.


STEP 3: Return the unit back to its normal position


STEP 4: Insert the Safety Key back into the unit and carefully place the cover on the side


STEP 5: Plug the power cord in and turn the Power Switch "ON"


STEP 6: Press the "Black" button for 5 seconds.


NOTE: The Incline motor will rise and lower as it resets itself, Please make sure to keep clear of all moving parts as to avoid injury.


STEP 7: Turn off the unit and remove the power cord before installing the cover.


STEP 8: Install the cover.


STEP 9: Lean the unit and reinstall the screws remove at the beginning.


Once all the screws are reinstalled, return the unit to its regular position, plug in the cord, and power on the unit. 



For more information, please see the video below:






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