SF-T722076 Motor Replacement


How to Replace the treadmill motor


Here is a quick guide instructing you on the proper procedure to successfully replace the motor.

PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning the replacement process, ensure your safety by powering off the unit and unplugging it from the electrical outlet.


STEP: 1 Lean the unit on its side to remove the bottom motor cover screws.


STEP: 2 Return the unit back to its normal position. 


STEP 3: Insert the safety key into the unit and carefully place the cover on the side of the unit.


STEP 4: Disconnect the signal wires from the motor cover.


STEP: 5 Once the wires have been removed from the cover, you will need to lean the unit back onto its side in order to remove the motor. Using a #6 Allen Key remove the bolts.

Please Note: Before completely removing the bolts, make sure you are holding on to the motor on the other side to prevent it from falling. 


STEP 6: Lower the unit back to its normal position and proceed to remove the zip ties and unscrew the grounding wires using a Phillips screwdriver.


STEP 7: Remove the motor wires from the control board.


STEP 8: Unwind the motor wires from the filter and replace with the new motor's wires.


STEP 9: Lean the unit back on its side and position the motor to secure it with the bolts.


STEP 10: While holding the motor, align the screw holes and secure the motor, making sure not to get any of the wires pinched in the process. 


STEP 11: Return the unit back to its normal position and make sure the motor wires are not caught underneath the motor and secure them using zip ties and screw the ground wire back onto the frame. 


STEP 12: Reconnect the Red and Black Motor wires to the control board. 


STEP 13: carefully reinstall the motor belt onto the belt pulley. 



STEP 14: Reconnect the console wires and place the cover over the motor area. 


STEP 15: Lean the unit on its side once again to secure the bolts underneath.




For more information, please see the video below:










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