SF-T722022 Brushless Motor Replacement

How to replace the Brushless Motor on the treadmill


Here is a quick guide instructing you on the correct procedure to successfully replace the brushless motor on your treadmill. 


STEP 1: Remove the top cover by using a crosshead screwdriver to remove the securing screws. 


STEP 2: Lean the unit onto its side to remove the two screws on each side that are underneath.


STEP 3: With the screws and top cover removed, return the unit to its primary position.


STEP 4: Remove the motor belt and be careful not to pinch your fingers.


STEP 5: Cut the plastic zip-ties that hold the wires


STEP 6: Remove the excess glue on the signal wire connection using a flathead screwdriver and disconnect the wire.


STEP 7: Using a #5 Allen key remove the five bracket bolts from the frame

With that same Allen key, remove the bolts from both brackets to release the motor. 


STEP 8: Reinsert the brackets to the new motor and tighten the bolts.


STEP 9: Place the new motor back onto the frame and tighten the bolts.


STEP 10: Run the signal wires through the frame and connect them to the control board.


STEP 11: Carefully install the motor belt onto the front roller pulley and avoid pinching your fingers.


STEP 12: Secure the signal wires using zip ties. 



For more information, please see the video below:


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