SF-T722062 Signal Wire Replacement

How to replace the signal wires on the treadmill 


Here is a quick guide instructing you on the proper procedure to successfully replace the signal wires on your treadmill. 


STEP 1: Remove the 6 screws on the cover, using a crosshead screwdriver. 


STEP 2: Remove the motor cover.


STEP 3: Remove the glue from the signal wire connector and disconnect it from the control board.


STEP 4: Remove the zip tie using a wire cutter.


STEP 5: Disconnect the middle and lower signal wires and tie a string to serve as a guide when installing the new wires.


STEP 6: Pass the wire through the tube, always leaving the wires circled as a guide.


STEP 7: Remove the 3 bolts from the handlebar using a #5 Allen key. Guide the wire through the frame and the handlebar.


STEP 8: Connect the middle to the lower signal wire and then connect the other end of the lower signal wire to the control board. 


STEP 9: Secure the wire in the filter and replace the zip tie. 


STEP 10: Connect the middle signal wire with the upper signal wire and place the cover back on.


STEP 11: Replace the bolts from the handlebar using a #5 Allen Key and reinstall the cover and screws.


For more information, please see the video below:





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