SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine: How to Replace the Sensor Wire

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Replacing a sensor wire may feel intimidating at first, but the process is pretty simple. This article will walk you through how to replace the sensor wire with 8 easy steps.  

It might be handy to have the following ready:

  • #19 Open Wrench or Adjustable Wrench
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Zip-Tie

We’ll need to pop open your covers to locate your sensor wire. Take a look at the instructions below on how to get this done.

Step 1: Remove the four bolts holding the Left/Right pedals.

SF-RW5515 Bolts.png

Step 2: Remove all screws from each panel.

SF-RW5515 Covers.png

Step 3: Detach the tension knob by removing the screw holding it onto the cover.

SF-RW5515 Tension Knob.png

Step 4: Disconnect your LCD monitor from the sensor wire(s) which varies on the model version.

RW5515 Sensor Wire(s).png

Step 5: Cut any zip ties holding the wire to the frame. Take off the screw for the sensor bracket. If there’s too much glue, carefully remove any excess to dismount the wire.

RW5515 Sensor ZipTie.pngRW5515 Sensor Wire Box.png

Step 6: Place the new sensor wire onto the bracket. Make sure it is positioned close to the magnet on the belt wheel. This ensures your monitor will properly track your movement later. 

RW5515 Magnet.png

Step 7: Reconnect wire(s) to the LCD Monitor. Replace the zip tie holding the wire to the frame. 

*Before reassembly, wave a magnet in front of the sensor. Ensure the display tracked the activity. 

Step 8: Mount the tension knob to the cover. Reinsert screws and replace your pedal bolts.

We've included a video below. Please note that it's for a different topic but the first minute and 30 seconds will be helpful in how to remove the pedals and cover. 

How to Remove the Cover

You Did Great!

This should conclude your repair. Give the rower a try. Everything should be functioning as normal. 

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