Parts: Indoor Cycle Bike Plush Seat (SFP-B14-PS)

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Sunny Health & Fitness plush cycle bike seat replacement part. The 1-piece plush bike saddle is padded with extra cushion to ensure the ride is supported during exercise sessions.




Compatible Equipment:

SF-B901, SF-B901B, SF-B901SMART, SF-B1002, SF-B123033, SF-B121021, SF-B122049, SF-B122061, SF-B1401, SF-B1423, SF-B1423, SF-B1711, SF-B1714, SF-B1709, SF-B1851, SF-B1852, SF-B1876, SF-B1877, SF-B1877SMART, SF-B1879, SF-B1913, SF-B1986, SF-B1995


*The models above are also compatible with our Indoor Cycle Bike Plush Seat


Where to buy?

Indoor Cycle Bike Plush Seat


How to assemble: 



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