Motor Testing And Troubleshooting

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Diagnosing Your Treadmill

Step 1: Turn off and unplug your machine. 

motor_test_step_1_pt_2.jpg motor_test_step_1.jpg

Step 2: Remove the treadmill motor top cover (held together by 4-5 screws along the side of the motor cover)

motor_test_step_2.jpg motor_test_step_2_pt_2.jpg

Step 3: Remove the Red and Black wire from the control board

motor_test_step_3_pt_2.jpg motor_test_step_3.jpg

Step 4: Gently insert 2 paper clips into the plastic casing


Step 5: Touch the paper clips to the 9V battery

(Note: The black wire goes to the negative terminal and the red wire goes to the positive terminal)


(For more information, please see the video below. Depending on the outcome you have, if you have not already please contact Sunny Health & Fitness Customer support team at:


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