Treadmill Control Board Replacement Guide

Replacing The Control Board 


STEP 1: Turn off and unplug the treadmill from its power source.

motor_test_step_1_pt_2.jpg motor_test_step_1.jpg

STEP 2: Remove all screws from the base of the treadmill frame.


STEP 3: Take a photo (or make a note) of the control board so you can reference the wire positioning. 


STEP 4: Unplug all of the wires from the control board optional (pliers to remove wires).


STEP 5: Remove the securing screws that connect the control board to the frame.

motor_test_step_6.jpg motor_test_step_6_pt_2.jpg

STEP 6: Remove the control board and insert the replacement board.

motor_test_step_7.jpg motor_test_step_6.jpg

STEP 7: Secure the replacement board to the frame of the treadmill.

motor_test_step_7.jpg motor_test_step_7_pt_2.jpg

STEP 8: Reconnect the wires to the control board as shown in the photo or notes made. Wires connected to the wrong ports are a safety hazard. 


For more information, please see the video below:

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