External Squeaks & Creaks On Treadmills

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When it comes to machines with a lot of moving parts you are bound to run into a bit of noise every now and again. In most cases, a little general maintenance goes a long way, and sometimes the surface you have the equipment on is to blame. Try to have our equipment on a solid surface and not a very plush carpet with a lot of give. Make sure you have the equipment balanced out with the adjustable feet on most of our products.


When it comes to treadmill squeaks and creaks having the unit on a stable surface with non-plush carpet is necessary. If the treadmill is leveled out and the supporting surface is not to blame let’s run down some other possible solutions.


STEP 1: Make sure your treadmills running board have been lubricated (if the treadmill has already been lubricated move to step 2, if not see video below)


STEP 2: Loosen, lubricate (WD-40) and retighten the securing bolts that connect the running deck to the mainframe.


STEP 3: Do the same for the hydraulic that allows for the running deck to be stored upright.


STEP 4:  If your treadmill has an incline motor those securing bolts might also be making noise.


STEP 5:  If you are feeling any extra give at all in the running deck you may be dealing with a fractured running deck. Run your hand around the surface where it is giving out. If you feel damage reach out to customer service and provide images of the damage.


 If you have any problems you can e-mail support@sunnyhealthfitness.com.

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