SF-T7718 How to Replace Top and Bottom Covers

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How to Replace the Top and Bottom Covers for SF-T7718

STEP 1: Remove the two front footpads (C07) by removing the two bolts (E18) located inside of the footpads and alongside the bottom cover.


STEP 2: Remove the plastic end caps (C39) on each side of the cover and unscrew the screws.

7718_Step2A.png 7718_Step2.png 

STEP 3: Pull on the rotating plate (A12) on the front of the treadmill to bring down the upright posts (A06 and A07).


STEP 3A: Pull open the side cover (C17) and remove the screw located inside. Repeat the process on the other side (C16). Once the screws have been removed, pull the upright posts back into place.

7718_Step3A.png 7718_Step3B.png

STEP 4: Carefully pull back on the motor top cover (C15) to remove it from the unit. Then adjust the side plastic covers against the upright posts.


STEP 5: Carefully lay the treadmill on its side, then begin unscrewing the screws on the bottom treadmill cover. 

7718_Step5.png 7718_Step5A.png 

STEP 6: Remove the rotating plate (A12) by using a spanner or wrench to hold onto the nut, and use an Allen wrench to unscrew the bolt.

7718_Step6.png 7718_Step6A.png

STEP 7: Remove the folding frame by removing the top and bottom nuts using a wrench. Removing these will allow you to remove the bottom cover.

7718_Step7.png 7718_Step7A.png

STEP 8: Once that cover is removed, disconnect the brown, blue, and yellow wires from the cover.


STEP 9: With the new cover, reinstall all components.

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