Treadmill Power Switch Replacement

How to replace the Power Switch on the treadmill 


Here is a quick guide instructing you on the replacement of the treadmill power switch. 


STEP 1: As a safety precaution, unplug the unit from the wall outlet and flick the power switch on and off a few times to release any electricity.



STEP 2: Remove the motor cover screws using a Phillips screwdriver. 


STEP 3: Disconnect the wires from behind the power switch.

(Note: Take a picture of the wires prior to disconnecting to use as a reference when reconnecting)


STEP 4: Push the side of the power switch to remove it from the mainframe. 

(Note: Use a flathead screwdriver to help you pry the original power switch out)  


STEP 5: Install the new power switch into the mainframe by squeezing the side tabs and pushing the switch firmly into the mainframe.


STEP 6: Reconnect the wires to the new power switch. 


STEP 7: Once all the wires are reconnected, plug in the unit to the wall outlet and turn the power switch on. The power switch should light up red.



For more information, please see the video below: 

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