What products are covered and how can I add them to my cart?

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Most of the models offered on our website are eligible for the Extend warranty as well as the Shipping Protection plan. To verify if the selected model is available for these plans, please check the photos below for reference:

Before adding the model to your cart:


Once the model is added to your cart it will look like this:


When clicking the highlighted portions in the photos above, you will be prompted with the option to select which coverage duration to choose from, please click "protect my purchase" to add this to your cart.


You will now find both the Extend Protection Plan and your model in the cart ready to check out as seen below:




The Shipping Protection (if your model is eligible) will ONLY appear directly below the "Total". The small box must be selected to ensure this additional protection is added to your purchase.



*Please note the pricing reflected in the photos above is subject to change*


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