Treadmills: Motor Replacement

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How to Replace the Motor on a treadmill

STEP 1: Remove the motor cover (Part 15) by removing the screws (Part 50) with a Philips head screwdriver.


STEP 2: Remove the Left and Right Rear Cover (Part 17 & 18) by removing the screws (Part 77) from them. 


STEP 3: Loosen the rear roller bolts (Part 46) in order to give you more room to remove the motor belt (Part 21) and the motor (Part 65). 


STEP 4: Remove the bolt of the front roller to help remove the motor belt.


STEP 5: Remove the motor belt from the motor. 

(Be careful when removing the motor belt so that you do not pinch your fingers.)


STEP 6: Remove the four motor bolts (Part 40) using a size 5 Allen wrench. 


STEP 7: Remove the Hexagon Bolt (Part 38) from the mainframe.


STEP 8: Remove the screw from the ground wire (Green and Yellow wire) using a Philips head screwdriver. Also, remove the motor wires (red and black) from the control board. 

(If you need to cut the zip tie please feel free to do so. We recommend having extra zip ties to keep the wires in place and prevent any tears or pinches.)

Step8.jpg Step8A.jpg

STEP 9: Remove the bottom screws (Part 39) from the motor bracket.


STEP 10: Remove the grounding wire and the motor wires from the magnetic ring (Part 73).


STEP 11: Reinstall the motor back into the unit.

For more information, please see the video below.

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