Cycle Bikes: Belt vs Chain Driven Models

It is difficult to say which is better, the answer depends on which of the two suits your personal workout preferences. Below is a quick guide outlining key points to assist you in making the best decision for your workout goals.



CHAIN: Chain drives require frequent lubrication to prevent rusting. It also helps the chain to smoothly pass over the sprocket. Failure to do so will lead to higher resistance against the pedal. It may lead to inefficient workouts, injuries, or breakdown of the chain drive. Chain drives tend to loosen up faster as well so you have to tighten them regularly. 


BELT: Belt drives, on the other hand, are more durable and don’t need high maintenance. The only downside is that once worn off, the only option you have is to replace the belt. But that’s after a year or two so you can get more than what your money’s worth. 



CHAIN: You might think that chain drives are noisy, but that is not the case. The chain produces a clicking sound similar to that of outdoor bikes. The chain guard lowers the sound of the chain. This makes it quieter than outdoor bikes. However, once loose, the chain will hit the chain guard and create louder noise. Adjustments are necessary to bring the chain back to the way it used to be.


BELT: Belt drives are very close to silent. Even if it loosens up, you won’t hear any annoying sound. In other words, there’s no need for adjustments as well. 



CHAIN: If you love to bike outdoors, then you’ll get the same riding experience on chain-driven spin bikes.

BELT: Belt drives offer a smoother spin biking experience. The difference is almost unnoticeable



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