How or where do I obtain a Proof of Purchase? 

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For more information on how to obtain Proof of Purchase. 

When collaborating with our Support Team, you'll often find yourself needing to share your Proof of Purchase, which essentially consists of your sales transcript or receipt. This document should cover the following key details:

1. Order Number

2. Item Number

3. Customer Address

4. Date of Sale

5. Date of Shipment

You can usually find this information on the website of the store where you bought your Sunny product. If you bought it online, you could likely download your receipt there. If you purchased your item second-hand, just tell your agent as a proof of purchase will not be needed for used items. We appreciate your cooperation in providing us with these necessary details, as they will assist us in efficiently addressing your inquiry. 


If you've made a purchase through Amazon, you can find detailed instructions on how to obtain the proper proof of purchase in the following link:

Find Your Proof of Purchase | Sunny Health and Fitness 

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