I just made an order online, but then I got an email saying it got canceled. Why did this happen?

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Read this article for more information about why your order was canceled. 

Wondering why your order was canceled? Here are a few possible reasons:


1. Occasionally, the item you wanted may have temporarily gone out of stock before you could snag it.


2. Unfortunately, we do not ship to PO BOXES. Our system will automatically cancel orders that don’t comply with this requirement so you will have to provide an alternative address if you would like to reorder.


3. You may have been blacklisted, resulting in the suspension of your purchasing privileges with us. Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to make purchases through our platform.

Want to stay in the loop about restocks? Please feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter or utilize the Notify Me feature on the product page.

If you need help with inventory questions or feel an order was mistakenly canceled, our Support Team is ready to help at support@sunnyhealthfitness.com.


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