Treadmills: E2 Error Code

The error code can be associated with the unit not having the proper amount of voltage input. The incoming voltage is lower than 50% of the required voltage. Here is a quick guide instructing you on the proper procedure to assess the error code and determine which components are affected. 


STEP 1: Make sure the unit is plugged directly into a normal 120v wall outlet, (Not GFCI), not a power strip or extension cords. Switch outlets and if possible move the unit to a different room to ensure the unit is plugged into a different breaker. Avoid plugging in other major appliances in the same outlet as the unit. Those appliances can draw a lot of voltage and cause the error code. 


Note: If the unit is plugged into a working wall outlet, then we need to troubleshoot the control board and motor, as these are the parts that will need to be replaced. Please see the instructions below:


STEP 2: Control Board Reset. With the unit unplugged, disconnect the red and black motor wires. Flip the power switch to the "ON" and "OFF" 5 times and reconnect the motor wires. Power the unit on and check for the error code. (link to the control board reset instructions below) 

STEP 3: Motor Test. With the unit unplugged, disconnect the red and black motor wires, connect them to a 9V battery, and check for movement. Even if the motor does move that doesn't always mean it works, and additional troubleshooting is needed. (link to the motor test instructions below)





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