Stepper Meter Troubleshooting Guide

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Here is a quick guide on how to troubleshoot if you are experiencing issues with the meter on your mini stepper.


STEP 1: Ensure Complete Range of Motion

If you're not seeing accurate step counts, it could be due to incomplete range of motion during your workout. Ensure that you're stepping all the way down, to allow the magnet on the pedal support tube to fully pass the sensor and transmit the information to your meter.

STEP 2: Check Batteries.

If your meter is not working at all, you could have depleted or missing batteries. Try replacing the batteries with fresh ones per the instructions available in the user manual for your model.

STEP 3: Check Sensor Wires.

Our steppers come equipped with sensor wires, which, if disconnected, can disrupt the meter's functionality. To address this issue, remove the meter from its frame and inspect the wires for any disconnections, pinches, or loose soldering. Reconnect any loose wires, and if pinched, contact our support team for a replacement.

STEP 4: Check Magnet.

 The presence of the magnet on the frame is crucial for the meter to register steps accurately. Check the pedal support tube to ensure the magnet is intact and not obstructed by any foreign substances. If the magnet is damaged, please contact our support team for a replacement.

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