Pulley Block Replacement

How to replace the Pulley Block 

Here is a quick guide to properly replacing the pulley block on the stepper. 



(Tools required: Adjustable Wrench & Allen Wrench)


STEP 1: Use an Allen wrench and adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts and bolts (counterclockwise) that secure the stepper cable on both sides of the stepper. 



STEP 2: Twist the Adjustment Knob (part#11) counterclockwise until it is removed from the frame. Afterward, remove the Cable (part#22) and Pulley (part#9).

stepper_cable_replacement_2.jpg stepper_cable_replacement_2_pt_2.jpg


STEP 3: Unscrew the bolt that holds the Pulley (part#9) onto the Pulley Block (part#31) to remove it. Attach the same Pulley (part#9) onto the replacement Pulley Block (part#31). 



STEP 4: Install the replacement Pulley Block (part#31) onto the frame, along with the Cable (part#9) and Adjustment Knob (part#11).  



STEP 5: Reinstall the nuts, bolts, and cable to both sides of the frame of the stepper with the Allen wrench.



STEP 6: Use the adjustable wrench to tighten both bolts clockwise. 

stepper_cable_replacement_5.jpg stepper_cable_replacement_5_pt_2.jpg


For more information, please see the video below:









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