Setting Up The Tension Cable

Tension Cable Troubleshooting Guide

In order for the tension on your exercise equipment to work properly, you will need to manually assemble the tension cables together. Proper tension cable assembly is important for your machine to be able to increase and decrease resistance. Follow the step-by-step instructional guide to learn how to properly assemble your tension cables together so you can increase or decrease the correct resistance.


STEP 1: You will need the top cable to be at its longest length, so it shows from the handlebar post. Do this by setting your resistance knob or lever to the highest or lowest setting (depending on your machine, see user manual for details) in order for the cable to release to its longest length. This allows you more room to attach the cable to the hook.


STEP 2: Pull out the tension cable hook out of the bottom post for a better scope. Now that you can see the top and bottom cables, you will need to attach them for your exercise machine to work.


STEP 3: Place the cable in between the hook piece.

STEP 4: Place the cable between the opening of the clasp. The illustration shows how the pieces should look.


STEP 5: After you have successfully attached the two tension cables, you will need to pull your top handlebar post up which will lock the tension cables into place. Note: You may need another person to help with this part. Make sure the wire cap sits on top of the clamp before you connect the handlebar posts back together. You may need to use some force when you pull up on the post but do not worry, you will not break it by doing so.



STEP 6: You can now put the metal handlebar posts back together and bolt them together.

For more information, please see the video below:

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