Stepper Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

How To Replace The Hydraulics On A Stepper

(Tools Required Adjustable Wrench & Allen Wrench)


STEP 1: Use the adjustable wrench to secure the nut as you use an Allen wrench to remove the bolt from the hydraulic cylinder. 

stepper_hydraulic_replacement_1.jpg stepper_hydraulic_replacement_1_pt_2.jpg

STEP 2: Repeat the previous step to remove all remaining bolts from the hydraulic cylinder. 

stepper_hydraulic_replacement_2.jpg stepper_hydraulic_replacement_2_pt_2.jpg

STEP 3: Remove and replace the hydraulic cylinder. Insert the bolt and secure it with the nut. 

stepper_hydraulic_replacement_3.jpg stepper_hydraulic_replacement_3_pt_2.jpg stepper_hydraulic_replacement_3_pt_3.jpg

STEP 4: Tighten the bolt by using the adjustable wrench to secure the nut and the Allen wrench to tighten the bolt. 


STEP 5: Repeat the previous step to reattach the hydraulic cylinders to the stepper. 


For more information, please see the video below:


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