SF-E3810 Cover Removal

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How to Remove the Covers on SF-E3810

STEP 1: Remove the left screw (Part 19) from the long axle (Part 30) using a #5 Allen wrench. Then remove the bolt (Part 34) from the connector (Part 57). Repeat the same process on the other side.

(Once these have been removed, you will be able to remove both handlebars from the unit.)

Cover_Step1.PNG Cover_Step1A.PNG


STEP 2: Remove the right crank cover (Part 72) from the right crank (Part 74). When the plug is removed, use the crank puller tool to remove the nut (Part 73). Use the other end of the crank puller tool and the spanner or an adjustable wrench to remove the crank arm. 

Cover_Step2.PNG Cover_Step2A.PNG

STEP 3: Remove the screws (Part 64 and 65) from the covers. There are 5 screws on each side, a total of 10 screws. 


STEP 4: Reinstall all components.

For more information, please see the video below.


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