SF-E3912: E1-1 and E1-2 Error Codes

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Here is a quick guide instructing you on the proper procedure to troubleshoot the E1 error code on your elliptical.


Identifying the error code and possible causes:

The E01 could be caused by different issues. These issues include:

1. Bad outlet or GFCI outlet (check multiple in the house)

2. Bad surge protector or no surge protector (try on and off one)

3. Damaged or faulty wiring (we can bypass one main wire with the instructions below)

4. Stuck, faulty motor, or disconnected tension wire from the motor.


As a safety measure please make sure the unit is unplugged from a power source.


STEP 1: The best-case scenario is the rainbow wire was glued a little out of position. You will be disconnecting the meter, removing the meter securing screws with a small Phillips screwdriver (circled in red). Remove the glue, disconnect the main rainbow wire, reconnect it properly then put it back together and test it out.


STEP 2: You will be partially disassembling the unit to check to see if the Extension Wire is the issue. Please keep in mind that you will need to have the unit unplugged for safety reasons. If you see damage (bent prongs, pinched wiring) to the Extension Wire then that is likely our problem. If there is no visible damage, remove the meter then take off the supporting post and disconnect the Extension Wire from the unit. Now connect the meter straight into the lower frame wiring and test it to see if we cleared the code and you get a reading from miles and calorie count. 



STEP 3: If the error code is not cleared when bypassing the middle extension wire then proceed to remove the covers: 

 -Remove the hinge parts circled in red. Then push the pedal tubes up and out of your way.

 -Remove the securing nut for the power port (adapter plugs into) and push that through the covers so we do not damage the wiring.

-Take a Phillips screwdriver to the outer covers highlighted below and split those out of the way.

-You should now have access to the wiring around the motor. Please disconnect and reconnect everything

-Plug in and test it out while the unit is still open. 



If the issue persists, the best solution is to replace the computer and motor. Please contact Sunny support for additional assistance.


For further information, please feel free to review the video.


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