SF-E3911 Flywheel Bearing Replacement

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How to replace the flywheel bearings on the SF-E3911

STEP 1: Remove bolts (Part D01 and D12) from the unit using a #6 Allen wrench.


STEP 2: Lift up the pedal tube and then pull out the entire assembly. Repeat the same process on the other side.


STEP 3: Remove the screws (D31 & D32) from the covers. There are 8 screws on each side. Then remove the back cover (C04) from the unit

Step3.jpg Step3A.jpg

STEP 4: Turn the rotary cover (Part C03) counter-clockwise to reveal the Rotary Support Frame (also known as X crank). Use the crank puller tool (silver end) and a wrench to remove the nut inside of the crank arm.


STEP 5: Screw in the black part of the crank puller tool into the support frame and with the adjustable wrench turn the silver part into order to remove the support frame.


STEP 6: Remove the belt (Part C12) from the belt wheel (A14). 

(Note: Be careful not to pinch your fingers when removing the belt.)


STEP 7: Remove the Fixed Disc (Part 16) by unscrewing the bolts (D26) using a #5 Allen Key. Repeat the process on the other side of the unit.


STEP 8: Remove the belt and the flywheel from the unit.


STEP 9: Remove the bolt (Part D35) from the flywheel by using an adjustable wrench.


STEP 10: Using a mallet and a metal rod remove the bearings (Part B02) from the flywheel (Part B01).


STEP 11: Install the new bearings back onto the plastic bracket. You may need to hammer it in place, but be aware this can damage the bearing itself.


For more information, please feel free to review the video below.

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