SF-E3912 Belt Wheel Bearing Replacement

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How to Replace the Belt Wheel Bearings on the SF-E3912

STEP 1: Remove the belt (Part 83) from the belt wheel (Part 54).

(Note: Be careful when removing the belt so that you do not pinch your fingers during the removal.)


STEP 2: Use snap ring pliers to remove the C-Clip (Part 59), washer (Part 61), and wave washer (Part 52). 


STEP 3: Remove the belt wheel by using a mallet and hammer the belt wheel out from the mainframe (Part 87). 


STEP 4: Remove the bearing with a bearing removal tool. If you do not have one, please feel free to use a long metal object and a mallet to hammer out the old bearings from the mainframe. 


STEP 5: Use a flat object to protect the new bearing when installing it into the frame.


STEP 6: Reinstall all of the components.

For further information, please see the video below.

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