Why can’t I connect my Sunny exercise equipment with the SunnyFit app?

First, it's essential to check your equipment's instruction manual to confirm whether it has Bluetooth capabilities designed specifically for connecting with the SunnyFit app.


It's worth noting that while some equipment in our product line, such as certain indoor bikes and treadmills, may have Bluetooth functionality, it might be primarily intended for playing music through onboard speakers rather than connecting with the app. In such cases, the Bluetooth feature may not support app integration.


We recommend referring to your equipment's manual to verify its Bluetooth capabilities and intended functionalities. If your equipment is indeed equipped with Bluetooth for app connectivity and you're still experiencing difficulties, please contact us at support@sunnyfit.com. We're here to assist you further in troubleshooting the issue and ensuring a seamless connection between your equipment and the SunnyFit app.

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