Why should I use SunnyFit Bike Cadence sensor if my indoor bike has already an onboard exercise meter?

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Using the SunnyFit Bike Cadence Sensor, SB110, with the SunnyFit app offers several advantages over relying solely on your indoor bike's onboard exercise meter. While your bike's meter provides basic workout data, the Cadence sensor, when integrated with the SunnyFit app in Indoor "Cadence" Mode, enhances your workout experience by providing additional information based on your weight, height, age, gender, and more. This additional data contributes to more accurate workout calculations, enabling you to monitor your progress with greater precision.


With the SunnyFit Bike Cadence Sensor, CB110, you can elevate your fitness journey by transforming your traditional bike into a SMART bike. Not only does it enhance your cycling experience, but it also enables you to participate in SMART-only challenges on the SunnyFit app. Upgrade your workouts and join the SMART revolution with the CB110!


The versatility of the Cadence sensor, CB110, extends beyond indoor use. It can seamlessly attach to your outdoor bike, transforming it into a SMART bike. With the Cadence sensor linked to the SunnyFit app, you can effortlessly access all your outdoor workout data directly within the app. This integration enables you to conveniently track and analyze your performance across both indoor and outdoor cycling sessions, providing a comprehensive overview of your fitness journey.


Please feel free to visit the below to learn more about the SunnyFit Bike Cadence.

SunnyFit® Bike Cadence – CB110


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at support@sunnyfit.com.

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